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Car Buying Tips

Are you shopping for a new or used car in Dallas, TX?

Determine Your Budget

Determine your budget before you step into the dealership. Financial experts suggest that the total cost of all vehicles in your household should not exceed 25% of your income.

Secure Financing If You Can

It’s generally easier to secure financing from your bank or credit union if you have good credit. Securing a car loan ahead of time lets you know exactly how much you’ll be able to afford. If you have bad or no credit consider a buy here pay here dealership. Most buy here pay here dealerships provide in-house financing enabling them to finance customers with bad credit.

View The Invoice

Ask to see the invoice which will let you know exactly how much the dealership paid for the vehicle. This can help you during the negotiation process and let you know if you’re getting a good deal or not.

Negotiate The Price First

Negotiate the price before you reveal to the dealership that you’ve obtained financing in order to get the best deal. Some dealerships may deal with you differently once they know that you’ve obtained financing elsewhere.