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Why Buying a Used Rental Car Might Be The Best Choice

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When it comes to used automobiles there are many misconceptions. In previous blog posts, Auto City has discussed many of the most common myths associated with buying new-to-you vehicles in order to educate buyers and help them save time and money during their next shopping adventure. There is one misconception regarding purchasing used vehicles that Auto City has not talked about and it is one of the biggest misconceptions in the used auto industry: buying used rental cars.
Many people assume that buying previously owned rental cars is simply a bad idea. There is an idea that former rental cars have been abused by the customers who have rented them and that they are a breakdown away from being pulled off the road. This is simply not true. In fact, at Auto City buy here pay here auto dealer, we believe that buying a used rental vehicle is one of the best ways to get into a quality used automobile at a price you can afford.
While rental vehicles can accumulate miles faster than your average vehicle, they are also serviced more than your average vehicle as well. This is a perk for the used car buyer. Where many people might miss a service appointment or feel certain regular maintenance issues simply are not necessary, rental companies do not skimp on their service. A rental car that is not in tip top condition can fail a customer. A customer who is broken down on the side of the road is an unhappy customer, and word of mouth spreads fast. Rental car companies do not like to risk the satisfaction of their customers. They go to great lengths to ensure that their vehicles are in prime condition.
Rental companies also do not wait to have their vehicles repaired when something does go wrong. Each automobile in a rental company’s fleet is a money making tool. Every day that those vehicles are not in working order is a day that that vehicle is not making money. Protecting the bottom-line is another reason that rental companies maintain their vehicles.
Another thing that rental car companies do well is detailing their vehicles. Nobody wants to rent a car that is dirty and unkempt. These vehicles are cleaned thoroughly after each use which helps maintain the integrity of the interior of the vehicle. This is not always the case with private buyers who are trading in older models. Most rental car companies insist on smoke-free use of their vehicles to protect the vehicles as well.
We have all heard horror stories about that driver who abuses their rental car, but the reality is usually a different matter completely. The meticulous care of the automobiles used for rentals is one of the reasons why Auto City used car dealer not only offers used rental cars but recommends them to our buyers.