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Used Vehicle Maintenance is Vital to Your Investment

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Making an auto purchase is a big commitment. Not only are you looking for a used car that will run reliably for many years but something you’ll be comfortable driving for that time and will fit your lifestyle. It is a decision that shouldn’t be gone into lightly. Once you choose the right used vehicle, the only thing worse than being unhappy with your purchase is to have it breakdown before its time.
Auto City has long been known as the go-to location for quality used cars and trucks in the greater Dallas, TX area. Not only can Auto City finance just about anyone, even those with bad credit, but they put only the best autos on their lot for their customers. While the vehicles at Auto City are in tip-top shape at the time of purchase, only proper maintenance will help keep your car or truck running properly well past your pay off date.
In order to help support their customers further, Auto City offers these simple maintenance tips to ensure the maximum performance from your new-to-you automobile:
  • READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL: This is one of the most overlooked parts of the car buying experience. Reading the owner’s manual can provide you vital information on how to keep your vehicle running smoothly, as well as crucial safety precautions every owner should know. Taking the time to read your manual can save you time and money later down the line.
  • FLUIDS ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF YOUR VEHICLE: Your car or truck’s fluids are essential for maximum performance and a simple way to avoid costly repairs. Checking your engine’s oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc., is fast and easy; it can also provide any early warning signs for trouble to come. By keeping your fluids clean and topped off, you’ll keep your car or truck running smooth.
  • STICK TO YOUR MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE: Regardless of how well you take care of your vehicle, some parts will experience wear-and-tear. Making sure you regularly maintain things, such as your air filter, brakes, timing belt, spark plugs, etc., can prevent bigger problems from occurring.
  • TIRE PRESSURE: Keeping your tire pressure at the appropriate level can minimize the wear on your tires and increase gas mileage, both of which can add up to big savings and a longer vehicle life.
  • WASH AND WAX YOUR VEHICLE: This might seem like a vanity step, but keeping your vehicle clean and waxed actually protects the body from corrosion.
  • TAKE IT TO THE GARAGE: Even if your vehicle is running smooth, take it in for service at least once a year. Just like you have an annual check-up, your car needs one too. This can help catch problems before they become serious and/or expensive.
Following these simple maintenance steps, courtesy of you local buy here pay here auto dealers at Auto City, can minimize your vehicle’s wear-and-tear and help keep it running long after you have paid it off.