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Used Car Safety Features and Tips

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We all have busy lives. In our day to day routines we run from here to there and back again without giving it much thought. It must be done! For many of us our vehicles are a lifeline to meeting the demands of our day. Since we spend so much time on the road with or without or families, it only makes sense that we have the safest vehicle possible.
Technology is forever changing. We live in times where technological advances at a rapid pace. There is no industry where this is truer than the automotive industry. Since new vehicles are coming out with more and more gadgets to improve both safety as well as convenience what features should one look for when purchasing a used vehicle?
At Auto City Credit we value our customers and their safety. We have compiled a short list of features to look for to ensure the safest possible driving experience:
  • AIR BAGS: Air bags have been standard equipment on vehicles for so many years it would be hard to find a vehicle without them. When purchasing a used vehicle ask if the air bags have ever been deployed/replaced or serviced and if so, when. Making sure you have working, up-to-date air bags will help ensure your safety and the safe travel of your passengers.
  • ANTI-LOCK BRAKES: Anti-lock brakes are another feature that seems almost standard today, but not all used vehicles will have them. Anti-lock brakes are a key feature in a safety first vehicle.
  • TRACTION CONTROL: Traction control regulates the amount of speed going to your drive tires. When one tire is going faster than the others, traction control will decrease the power to balance out the speed. This feature helps reduce the chances of skidding.
  • SEAT BELTS: If you are driving a vehicle without seat belts you have an antique on your hands. Although all vehicles should have seat belts, it is a good idea to check they are in working order and intact when purchasing a used vehicle.
  • DAY TIME RUNNING LIGHTS: Day time running lights are a nice feature that makes your vehicle more visible to other drivers even in the day time.
  • AUTOMATIC CRASH NOTIFICATION: During an accident you are not always able to make the necessary call for help. Many vehicles now offer automatic crash notification to get you the help you need when you need it.
While all of these features will help keep you safe while traveling, there is no substitution for being alert while driving.

If what you are looking for is safety in a vehicle, Auto City Credit can help. As the premier used car dealer in Dallas, our experts will find you a vehicle with the safety features you want and need. Poor credit or no credit? No problem. We have been helping people like you get into the vehicles they need right away while repairing or building their credit score. Buying a used vehicle can be a challenge, but not if you know what you’re doing. Auto City Credit is happy to continue offering these car buying tips to make your experience that much better!