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Tips To Help Make Your Car Payments On Time Every Time

Buying a car requires a certain amount of planning ahead of time. Once you’ve purchased a car, you need to make the monthly payments on time, every time. If you’ve done the right planning, owning your car and paying for it will be much easier.

Buy Within Your Budget

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to buy a car, do the research and plan your budget. For each car you’re interested in, you’ll need to know the loan payment, insurance premium payment, and estimated gas payment for each month. This is what you need to expect to pay each month to own the car. Don’t get in over your head with a car that’s beyond your budget. You may find that you don’t have money for gas, or the insurance premium. Worse, you may find that you can’t make the car payment. Buy a car that’s within your budget.

Prioritize Your Money

Once you’ve purchased a car from us and driven it home, look at where you will be spending your money over the month and set some priorities. When you make your payment to us on time, you are helping your credit rating. Miss a payment and you’re not doing yourself any good. Make sure you set aside the money each month for the important things, including your car payment.

Cut Back

Like most people, there are a lot of things you’d like to do, but not enough money to go around. Find where you can cut back each month so making the car payment is easier. Skipping a few lattes each month and only going to the movies with the family once instead of twice a month can easily save you $100. Keep in mind that the cuts will be temporary as you make your payments. You may actually learn to live a little more frugally so you can enjoy nicer things, like a new car.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

For some people, the sight of money in the bank is too much of a temptation. You can solve that by writing the check to us ahead of time and putting it in a desk drawer to be mailed later. If paying cash, take the money out of the bank and put it in an envelope in your desk. The money will be out of your checking register so you won’t be tempted to spend it on something else.

Communicate with Us

We want you to have a car that you enjoy and be able to pay for it. We also want to help you build up your credit rating. Emergencies happen. A child gets sick and needs expensive medication. If you find yourself unable to make your car payment, talk with us as soon as you find this out. We’ll work with you to find the best solution. Don’t wait until the last minute, or skip a payment hoping it won’t be noticed. If you’ve been making regular payments with us, tell us about the situation and we can try to help. Don’t damage your credit by just ignoring your payment.
With a little bit of planning, budgeting and prioritizing your money, you’ll have no problems making your car payment. If any problems come up, talk them over with us sooner rather than later. We offer you the convenience of buying a car and paying for it at the same place. We want to make sure your experience with us is one that will have you coming back for your next car.