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The Top Fuel Efficient Vehicles You can Buy Today

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Once you get past the sticker price on your next used automobile, the biggest expense you’ll face is the fuel needed to keep the vehicle moving. Gas mileage is one of the biggest concerns car buyers have when looking for a new-to-you car or truck. Which used vehicles will get you the most bang for your gasoline buck? Consumer reports have published a list of the most fuel efficient used cars to help buyers make the most sound, economic decision possible.

Toyota’s Prius (2002-2004) averages 42 miles per gallon (with the 2004 peaking at 44 mpg). That is a huge benefit for drivers. Toyota’s Echo comes in at 38 mpg, right along with the Honda Civic Hybrid at 36 mpg. These cars offer reliable performance with exceptional gas mileage. Having a vehicle that gets that much fuel economy will save buyers big money compared to the average mpg of most vehicles (25 miles per gallon) and today’s fuel price averaging $3.61 per gallon. What’s better is that these vehicles are listed at prices under $10,000.

Do you prefer a newer model vehicle? In the $10-20,000 range, there are many vehicles that offer the same level of fuel performance. The Prius (2005-2007) continues to top the list at 44 mpg, with the 2008 model coming in at 42 mpg. Honda’s Civic Hybrid again follows right behind with their 2006-2008 models offering buyers 37 miles per gallon; while the Honda Fit Sport, Scion xD, and Toyota Camry Hybrid all boast 34 miles per gallon.

These are just a few of Consumer Reports top picks for used cars rated on fuel efficiency. For the complete Consumer Reports list, click here.

Auto City has been offering the most reliable, fuel efficient used cars to their customers for more than 50 years and today is no different. Auto City offers a wide assortment of the vehicles mentioned on the Consumer Reports list of fuel efficient cars, to suit the needs of all their customers. Not only can you get a great price on a quality used car, but you can get the best possible gas mileage when selecting one of the top rated vehicles for fuel economy.

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Fuel economy is a huge concern for many car buyers, but Auto City has the solution, by offering a large assortment of Consumer Report’s highest rated vehicles for fuel economy. Not only will you save money on the price of your next used car at Auto City, but you’ll save the money is costs you to drive it home as well.