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The Smart Way to Buy American Made Cars

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Early on, the American auto industry was hugely influential. At one time, American made cars were by far the most popular in the United States. Today; however, American cars have been surpassed in popularity by imports. Imported cars became so popular due to quality and a reasonable price tag. Consumers chose to invest in cars from certain companies that gained a reputation for reliability and safety.
In addition to the rise in popularity of foreign vehicles, some American car companies outsourced their manufacturing as well. Thus, some American makes are now manufactured overseas. This trend put many workers out of business and damaged the economy.

Reversing the Trend

By making an informed purchase decision for your next car, you can support the American economy while investing in a quality vehicle. These are a few of the best automobiles on the market today. They are not only from American makers, but are union-made vehicles manufactured in the United States:


Chevrolets are remarkably affordable cars. Do not let their sometimes-small exterior size throw you. Chevrolets feature surprisingly roomy cabins, along with excellent handling. Their fantastic mileage makes for a perfect road trip or city drive.
GM red chevy car


Ford currently makes America’s most feverishly beloved cars. For the past decade, Fords have carried the look of a much pricier vehicle, while also having the structural design of the most practical makes. With some Ford models moving their MPG into the triple digits, the case for any Ford is strong.
GM red chevy car


Chrysler has made some of the most iconic American cars for the past half century. Newer Chrysler models benefit from a sleek design and great MPG, while the endurance of older models shows that the company builds vehicles meant to last. Buying new or used, Chrysler is an American brand that has proven its longevity.
GM red chevy car
By narrowing your vehicle options down to union-made autos, you can own an affordable, high-quality vehicle that was made in the U.S. Purchasing these vehicles allows you to play a role in the recovery of the automotive industry and the country’s economy.