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The Importance of Maintaining Tires

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With all of their pricey, moving parts, maintaining a used automobile can be tricky business, but is essential to having a long lasting, money saving vehicle. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of the automobile is also one of the most important: the tires.
Everyone knows that tires are an essential part to an auto getting us where we need to go, but not everyone knows why it is so important to put as much time maintaining them, as it is the rest of the vehicle. Because it is important for used cars and trucks to last, we would like to share the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to taking the best possible care of your automobile’s tires and why it’s important:
  • TIRE PRESSURE: This is a very common problem with auto tires. Variations in temperature can cause tires to lose pressure, but why is it so important to keep them inflated? A tire that is not fully inflated to the specification outlined can actually cause undue stress on the tire, which can cause it to fail. In addition to a higher failure rate, under inflated tires can lead to a lack of control and accidents – not to mention faster wear and tear, which comes with a hefty price tag.
  • TIRE ALIGNMENT: When tires work their way out of alignment, they can cause irregular wear. Again, this can cause people to replace their tires before they should have to, but irregular wear patters can also make tires unsafe. A worn tread doesn’t hold the road as well and can lead to a lack of control, especially in less than ideal weather.
  • TIRE ROTATION: Tires are not permanent, they wear out over time. The best way to help ensure that tires wear evenly is to rotate them according to your owner’s manual or the guidelines set forth by the maker of the tire. Different tire locations bear the load differently, so giving each tire a fair amount of time in each spot allows for better tread, wear, and safer driving.
  • TIRE TREAD: The tread of the tire is what holds you on the road. Worn treads can make cars unsafe to drive, especially in poor driving conditions such as rain and snow. Fortunately most tires come with a wear bar on them; once it is not visible anymore it is time to change the tires. The real trick here is remembering to look at your tires regularly and not take them for granted.
Without the tires beneath it, your automobile is a nothing more than a conversation piece. Paying attention to the condition of your tires can help protect your auto investment by making each ride as smooth and safe as possible. At Auto City, your premiere buy here pay here dealership in Texas, we help you stay up to date with this type of maintenance when you buy your car from us!