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The Best Times to Buy a Car

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Everyone wants the best deal when they buy a car, but those working to get the sale are also looking for high profits to boost their career prospects. Timing your shopping at the right time of year is one key aspect to a great discount on a favorite make and model. Used car sales, and even some new vehicles, have deep discounts at specific times. Take a look at the best times to buy a car to save big.

Quarter or Month End

Most businesses, including used car sales, revolve around a monthly or quarterly fiscal system. Dealerships are looking to close as many sales as possible to make sure their numbers are in by certain deadlines to show profit to shareholders. Quarter ends are typically in March, June, September and December. Arrive at the dealership at the end of these months for the best negotiation terms.

Model Year-End

Although car models are indicated by calendar year, model year-end months are commonly in the early fall. However, your favorite vehicle may be very popular, making the model year-end period as early as spring. Watch for advertising to note certain model year-end deals to time your shopping. If you are looking for a particular color, for example, you want to shop as soon as the model year-end begins to find the right hue.

Year End

December is one of the busiest times to buy a car, but dealers are willing to make substantial deals to make those last sales before the year ends. Business quotas and individual bonuses are at stake, making salespersons eager to move vehicle inventory. Preferably, wait until the last 14 days of December. With the holidays approaching, dealers know that many people are traveling and not buying cars. They want every customer to walk away with a vehicle.

Inclement Weather

Rainy or snowy days are extremely slow sales days for dealerships. Take advantage of the empty showroom and car shop. Eager salespersons want to have some sales each day, so they may negotiate better deals when the weather is atrocious and few buyers are walking in the door.

Be Unique

Don’t shop with the majority of people that just received a tax refund. Busy dealerships do not want to negotiate terms because they have a line of customers waiting to buy a car. Try shopping on a slow day, much like choosing a rainy shopping day. Weekdays in the fall tend to be slow because people are working or entering a new school year.

Catch Them at Closing

Even salespersons want to go home at some point. Shop at the very end of the day to negotiate a good deal. The dealership may be able to promise more discounts just to get you out the door.