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Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely on a New Used Car

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With March already upon us, most Americans find themselves smack dab in the middle of tax season. For many people, IRS rebate checks are on the horizon and they are pre-planning what to do with this influx of money. While the urge to treat ones self on other extravagant toys may be prevalent, using that tax refund as a down payment on a new-to-you used car can bring more benefits.
  • LOWER MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Using your tax refund check can make owning a vehicle less of a monthly strain; larger down payments makes for lower monthly payments. There are few times throughout the year when people have large amounts of expendable income. Taking advantage of your tax refund as a down payment can help you get the vehicle you need, at a monthly payment you can afford.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: If a car buyer cannot afford a new hybrid vehicle, buying a used automobile is the next best thing. When you buy a quality, second-hand automobile you are essentially recycling. You are taking a vehicle and getting the most use of it. Choosing to make a used car purchase, in 2013, with your refund check, contributes to the environment as well as putting you and your family on the road in style.
  • AVOIDING GLITCHES: When a new model hits the showroom, it can take some time to find out if there are any issues with the new line. Vehicles that have seen a year or more of use, most likely have brought any issues to light that car dealerships or manufacturers can address. Doing some research on a used automobile can help ensure that the vehicle you are getting is sound.
  • REBUILD CREDIT: Having a monthly payment that you make regularly is a great way to reestablish credit. Auto City reports to the credit bureau monthly, so when you use your tax refund to buy a new used vehicle, you instantly get back on track to financial responsibility.
Auto City understands the importance of having a reliable, quality used automobile. As such, Auto City offers a “$500 Today, Drive it Away” campaign during tax season. With just $500.00 down today, and a promise to pay the remainder of your down payment within 30 days, you can have your quality used car now without waiting for that refund check. This promotion is just one more way Auto City follows through on their commitment to you, the customer!
While vacations and big screen TV’s are nice, a new-to-you used auto from Auto City is an investment that will pay multiple dividends for years to come. With one of the largest selections of used autos in Texas, visit Auto City today and put your tax money to great use.