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Restore the Love: Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Used Car

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After buying a used car, you can continue to keep its beauty and utility intact by doing some spring cleaning. Used vehicles have plenty left to give after going through two to three prior owners. Although used vehicles are sold in good mechanical condition, their appearance may not be without small blemishes. You can fix these issues and have a nearly perfect vehicle at your disposal in no time flat.

Before you start, go around your vehicle and identify all of the areas that need attention. Used vehicles may have sun worn exterior or interior components that need replacement. Replacing worn parts improves your vehicle’s aesthetics considerably.

After replacing any worn components you see, give your vehicle a thorough cleaning, inside and out, to restore its beauty.

Replace Worn Parts

Window seals, door trim and light covers may need replacement to refresh the look of your used car. You can usually replace these items yourself or take it to a mechanic for repairs.

Consider adding aftermarket parts to further improve your car’s appearance. Aftermarket parts change the style of your vehicle’s taillights, turn signals, hood, and rims to make it uniquely yours.

Vacuum It Out

Once you are happy with the parts on your car, start to clean out the interior. Always start with the interior to avoid messing up exterior improvements. Use an upholstery cleaner that smells fresh and clean on the carpets, seats and other fabric covered components.

Scrub the interior cleaner into the fabric and let it sit for five to ten minutes. After it dries, vacuum up the cleanser and enjoy your new car smell.

Clean the Windows

Having a clear view of the world around you through your vehicle’s windows makes everything better. Clean up your windows with a specially designed cleaner and some newspaper.

Remember to replace the newspaper wads at every window to keep them from falling apart. Use water repellent and fog reduction treatments to make your view even clearer.

Wash and Wax

Once your interior and windows are clean, it is time to wash and wax that beautiful paint. Use a clean sponge to scrub the paint from top to bottom. Rinse really well to remove all of the soap residue.

Dry the surface with a real leather chamois starting with the top of your vehicle. Work your way downward to keep prior areas dry. Apply wax treatments to your car a little at a time. Be sure to buff away the wax thoroughly to prevent dull spots.

Repeat Often

After you finish these tasks, you will be rewarded with a much nicer car. Remember that your used vehicle just needs a little love to live up to your expectations. Repeat this process often to keep your ride in good condition.