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Rebuild Credit with a Used Car

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In times like today, almost every large investment we are able to own can be determined by credit scores. Your credit score is used for everything from buying a car or home to even getting a job. During these tough economic times many people have seen a decline in their credit ratings. Fortunately there is a light at the end of the tunnel for people who are trying to re-establish their credit scores.
Auto City Credit has been helping people get into quality vehicles since 1958. How does this help me with my credit, you might ask? Purchasing a vehicle helps to develop a positive payment history once again which will increase your credit score over time.
Creditors want to see that you are a responsible borrower when it comes to credit. Unfortunately this can be a catch-22 when it comes to people with less than perfect credit. There are few banks that want to deal with people who have less than perfect credit regardless of the circumstances. At Auto City Credit we try to bend over backwards to work with everyone! We understand tough times and we want to help. Working with us to purchase your next vehicle will get you back on track.
Our vehicles are not just for people with less than perfect credit. We also help people with not enough credit. Yes, believe it or not, a bank can turn you down for a credit line if you do not have enough established credit even if you have a better than average credit score. This is because creditors are concerned with history. They want to see a pattern of financial responsibility. By working with us on your next vehicle purchase, you can begin to establish a history that will satisfy the future need for more credit.
On top of the benefits to your credit history, we at pride ourselves on putting our customers in only the best vehicles to suit their needs. Just because we work with everyone doesn’t mean you are giving up on quality. If we wouldn’t drive it we certainly don’t expect you to! Our commitment to quality is what has helped us help you since 1958.
So if you are one of the many people who have been hit hard during these tough economic times and are looking rebuild your credit, give us a try. Visit us and see how we can help turn things around for you today!