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5 Reasons To Buy A Used Car

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Thinking about purchasing a used vehicle? One of the main advantages of buying used is that you may be able to save on sales taxes, lower registration fees and auto insurance costs in addition to a lower purchase price. Below are a few benefits of buying used.

Lower Sales Taxes

All new cars are subject to sales tax but older cars may not depending on the state you reside in. Sales taxes on a new vehicle can add up to thousands of dollars and the saving on taxes alone can be significant.

Cheaper Registration Fees

DMV registration fees are generally based off the value of your vehicle. Buyers can generally save a significant amount of money on registration fees by purchasing used.

Certified Pre-Owned Options

Buyers who want to save money but still have piece of mind may want to opt for a certified pre-owned vehicle. Vehicles generally must undergo a rigorous multi-point inspection in order to be labelled as certified-pre owned and most come with a warranty.

More Affordable Insurance Options

Your car insurance considers your vehicle’s value when determining rates. More expensive vehicles will be costlier to insure because it will cost the insurance company more in case of an accident or loss.

More Car For Your Money

Buying used may enable you to own a vehicle from a luxury premium brand or get a vehicle with a higher trim level at a lower cost than a brand new car. You may also be able to get premium features such as heated seats and a navigation system without breaking the back.

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