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Pick the Best Type of Vehicle for 2013

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As the New Year is quickly nearing us, it is a time to think about all the amazing things that 2013 may bring. The New Year is a time when people look to take steps forward and make changes. What better way to make a change and rebuild a damaged credit score in the process, than by buying a new-to-you used vehicle!
When it comes to searching through the vast selection of used automobiles available, it is important to have an idea in mind of what you want and need from your new used car. Lots of things have happened over the course of 2012 that may have changed your automotive needs. Before stepping into one of the fully stocked lots that Auto City, leading used car dealer in Dallas, has to offer, be sure to know what type of automobile you are looking for.
  • 4-DOOR SEDANS: The 4-door sedan is one of the most popular automobile types, because it fits a variety of needs. Known for the ease of back seat access, 4-door sedans are ideal for small families that need to get in and out of the back seat. Also, the enclosed and spacious trunks provide not only cargo space, but security as well. 4-door sedans range from the affordable sub-compact varieties, to the higher end “luxury” sedans.
  • 2-DOOR COUPE: The 2-door coupe is often a great choice for singles or couples without children. The small size makes them fuel efficient and affordable. Many 2-door coupes have hatchbacks rather than enclosed trunks, which can allow large items to be transported short distances.
  • STATION WAGONS: Large and/or active families are often best suited for the station wagon or minivan. The wagon or minivan provides the same ease of access that the 4-door sedans do, but with much more space for additional gear or people. Station wagons and/or minivans are ideal for families that like to travel long distances, go camping, have children involved in sports, any situation where you need more space than just a place to sit. As an added bonus, more and more station wagons and minivans are being offered with all-wheel drive.
  • SUVs: The sport utility vehicles have become increasingly popular. These are often larger vehicles with more power than their counterparts. This increased power makes SUV’s ideal for families and singles that enjoy “roughing” it. The additional size and power often comes at the expense of fuel economy, so buyers simply looking for additional space should consider a station wagon or minivan.
  • CONVERTIBLES/SPORTS CARS: The convertibles and sports cars are all about making a statement. They are glamorous, high performance, pieces of road art. The sport car or convertible is for the single or childless couples that want both the best in performance and style.
With more and more vehicles staying road worthy for longer, narrowing your search before you step on the lot can make your search far less stressful.
Whether you are the thrifty young single seeking a 2-door coupe or the more established couple with children in tow, Auto City is your go-to buy here pay here car dealer in Texas and has something to meet your needs in 2013!