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Our World-Class Warranty on Used Cars

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One of the most important parts of the car buying experience is the warranty. Whether you buy a new automobile or a used car or truck, you want to be sure that you are protected in the event that something goes wrong. Auto City understands the importance of a quality warranty and the peace-of-mind it can provide. As such, Auto City offers one of the industry’s leading used car warranties on all of our quality used vehicles.

What sets the Auto City warranty apart from other used car dealerships is how thorough it is. We challenge you to find a better new-to-you vehicle warranty in Texas. While many used car dealerships offer warranties on their vehicles, they often come with a variety of drawbacks or fine print. Some of the most common problems with used car warranties include:

  • POWERTRAIN ONLY WARRANTY: While these types of warranties do, in fact, cover your powertrain, they sometimes leave out important components like the oil pump and water pump. In these types of warranties, an engine failure caused by one of these non-covered parts would not be covered. While it may be directly linked to a powertrain issue, you will still be stuck with cost of the repair. These warranties do not cover other necessities (such as AC, which is a must-have in Texas) or steering components.
  • THE 50/50 WARRANTY: This type of warranty has you, the buyer, sharing in half the cost of any repairs that need to be done. What the dealerships do not tell you is that their 50 percent comes out of the dealerships profits. In the end, the repair won’t cost them anything, except some labor and you’ll be out hundreds of dollars (or more).
  • NEED TO KEEP STRICT BOOKS: Many warranties insist you keep track of all your scheduled maintenance. If something goes wrong and you do not have your receipts for oil changes or other regular servicing, you may find yourself out of luck and with a hefty repair bill.
  • CLAIM DENIAL: Most of the warranties you will get from used dealers are from outside warranty companies, which will work very hard to deny your claims. Not only do you have to convince the dealer of your needs, but an outside party as well before the work gets done.

On the surface these warranties seem like a good deal and make buyers feel protected when they drive off the lot. Nobody wants to think that something bad is going to happen to them. At Auto City, we know that unfortunate things can happen at any time and take appropriate steps to protect you and make sure every customer is a satisfied one.

Auto City’s warranty is one of the best in the used car industry. We offer a limited warranty that covers most major repairs, including powertrain, steering, suspension, brakes, and even electrical components, for 24 months or 24,000 miles. This kind of warranty is nearly unheard of in the world of new-to-you automobiles. What’s more, Auto City uses our own warranty company, which means if you are unhappy with the warranty and your dealings with the company, you are unhappy with us; and that simply will not do!

A warranty goes a long way toward making a car buyer feel comfortable with their purchase, but only if the warranty is worth its salt. At Auto City our industry leading warranty is just one more way we are able to show our commitment to you, our valued customers.