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Life Events that Change Our Used Car Needs

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Everybody experiences events in life that change how we think about and use the cars we have. These events usually justify a new car purchase or an upgrade to the car you already own. The average person owns more than six cars in their lifetime, often due to these circumstances. You may have already experienced some of these changes. If not, may have some exciting life experiences ahead of you, which could include one of the following.

You’re Having a Child

When you decide to have children, your automotive focus is on safety and reliability. At this point in your life, it’s time to trade in the two door coupe for something that is safe, reliable and easy to get the kids in and out of. You want to know that the car will start every morning when taking the kids to school and won’t break down on the way to soccer practice. Once you know that you’re having a child, you will likely start thinking about buying a different car.

Your Child Has Reached Driving Age

When your children reach driving age, you may find it more convenient to buy a good used car for them than to share the family wheels. This becomes a milestone for the child too, as it will be their first car. Safety and economy will be your goal when buying this car for your child, since you will likely cover the expenses of the car for a few years.
If your child is earning some summer money, this is an opportunity for them to begin building up their credit rating too. Buying a used car from a dealer that also provides the financing gives your child the chance to make the monthly payments and get good notes on their credit report. Remember, it’s never too early for them to start building a strong credit profile.

You’ve Recently Experienced An Accident

You may find yourself in an accident one day that causes a lot of damage to the car. Depending on the age and miles on the car, you may opt to not repair the car but buy another one. It may have been your favorite set of wheels, but if the repairs are out of line with the value of the car, it makes sense to move on with another vehicle. This is never a fun event to experience, but it does happen to some.

Your Income Has Changed Unexpectedly

Unfortunately, many people have been affected by the economy with layoffs, cuts in salary and benefits. If you’ve experienced a sudden change in income like many others, trading in your car for something less expensive to operate or with lower monthly payments is a responsible choice. Saving money on gas, insurance and monthly car payments might be critical until your income is stable once again.
If your financial status has reached a point where your credit score has been affected, you still have economical car options. Used car dealerships that work with people with financial and credit difficulties will get you into a good used car quickly. That’s what we do at Auto City every day through our buy here pay here financing.
Many events in your life may cause you to buy another, or different, car. Each change makes you think about what you need from your car. There are plenty of good used cars out there to meet all needs. One thing you can be certain of is that your life will be full of changes no matter what car you need along the way.