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Incorrect Facts About Used Cars Everyone Thinks Are True

People who are interested in buying a car have likely heard many facts that are thought to be true to the general public. Many of these incorrect facts can affect a person’s ability to make a wise decision about buying a previously owned car. Here are five of the most common false facts about used cars:

False Fact #1: All used cars have problems.

The Truth: Many used cars are still in prime operating condition.

People often assume that all used cars have mechanical problems. These perceived problems might make people feel leery about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Some of the best used cars on the market have low mileage and are still in optimal condition. It is even possible to find bargains on quality used vehicles that are less than two years old. Quite often, previous owners make the decision to trade in a vehicle they recently purchased in order to get the latest model.

False Fact #2: Vehicles damaged by floods cannot legally be resold.

The Truth: Many of these vehicles quickly end up back on the market.

Many cars that are damaged during massive flooding caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters are resold to unknowing buyers. These vehicles can simply be dried out and minimally repaired in an attempt to cover up any damage. Some crafty sellers know how to get around certain state laws and can bring vehicles up to basic operational standards. These vehicles may still have underlying damage that will lead to extensive repair work in the future. It is possible that a seller may disclose this information, but many unscrupulous dealers will still try to cover up the history details.

False Fact #3: It’s difficult to obtain vehicle history information.

The Truth: Obtaining this information has never been easier.

Even though this used to be difficult in the past, modern technology allows people to learn about a vehicle’s history in a fast and easy format. Getting this information can even be done for free. There are many reputable websites that allow people to receive detailed history reports by simply entering some basic information. To receive the most accurate information, it is best to crosscheck facts using multiple sources.

False Fact #4: Odometer fraud is a thing of the past

The Truth: Odometer fraud is still a problem.

Even with the most technologically advanced systems, odometer fraud still persists. With a little extra knowledge, a person can manipulate an odometer to make it appear as if the vehicle has less mileage.

Some sellers have also been known to replace the odometer without providing the proper legal notice. By reading the car’s Vehicle History Report, you can more properly determine if the odometer has rolled back.

False Fact #5: All cars come with air conditioning.

The Truth: Certain models still lack this feature.

Most people already know that certain older models don’t come with air conditioning. However, there are still some newer models that aren’t equipped with this feature. It is important to ask the seller whether the vehicle has air conditioning before agreeing to the sale.

It is wise to test the air conditioning out before finalizing the sale. Buyers who later discover this missing feature will have difficulty returning the vehicle for a refund due to as-is sale laws.

Being aware of these misleading facts can promote a person’s better buying tactics. Next time you go onto a used car lot, you’ll have the right knowledge to get the best deal.