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How To Make The Car Buying Process Easier

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The time has come for you to buy a car. Although you are excited to get into a new set of wheels, don’t just rush out the door to the local car lot. Take some time to get things together, so you can make your car buying experience successful. This is especially true for people with credit issues. Don’t let a bad credit score discourage you from buying a new car, all you need is a little thought and planning ahead of time in order to make the trip to the car lot a lot easier. Do this and you’ll be able to drive home with the car you want.

New or Used Car?

Used cars are an especially good value now. People are trading in their current cars for new models even though the old car has a lot of life left in it. You can find a used car that is a few years old but feels like you are driving a new car. If you have limited income or any type of credit issues, a used car is the right choice for you, especially when purchasing from a buy here pay here car lot like ours. These types of dealerships specialize in financing people with credit issues and help get them into reliable used cars.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Walking onto a car lot excited about buying a car, but with no idea what you want, is like grocery shopping while you’re hungry – everything looks good! Make some notes about what is important to you in your next car. Some of things that may show up on your list could include a car that:

  • Has great fuel mileage
  • Easily seats 4 adults
  • Has plenty of trunk space
  • Is good for long trips
While someone else may have a list that includes:
  • I feel young again driving it
  • It looks cool in my driveway
  • New tires and chrome wheels
  • Killer stereo

Everyone has a different idea of what their ideal car looks like. This is why cars are not a one-size-fits-all kind of purchase. Be honest about what you want in a car.

Once you have your list together, flag the top five things that you must have to consider a car. These are the no-compromise items on your list. This helps the car expert find the best picks to show you. If there is a particular make or model that you have your eye on, note that as well. If you’re coming to buy your car with us, check out our inventory beforehand.

Get Your Numbers Together

Put together a budget and determine how much you can spend on a car. What can you afford to pay each month? You will also want to take your car insurance payment and gas estimate into consideration for an overall monthly cost of the car. Take your budget numbers with you to the car lot so you do not over spend and get in over your head.

If you have any credit issues, take proof of your income with you to the car lot. Usually a pay stub from your last paycheck is sufficient. If you’ve been at a job for less that two months, take your last pay stub from your previous job. You may want to take a copy of last year’s income tax form, too. Any documentation you can take that shows you are able to make the monthly payment is good to have.

Take a Friend

Ask a friend to go with you to look at cars. Go over all of your information with them. Your friend can help you in several ways. They can keep you from making an impulse purchase by reminding you of your limitations. A friend can also serve as a second set of eyes during your test drive, and catch issues you might overlook. They can also point out features in a car that you didn’t notice. Buddy-shopping for a car helps you have a good experience on the car lot, while also keeping you grounded to your budget.

You’ll be more successful at the car lot once you’ve decided what you want in a car and what you can spend. Don’t be discouraged from buying a used car just because you have bad credit. Buy here pay here dealers like ours offer financing to help you, and will work with you to get you into a car that fits your needs and desires. We know that a good experience at a car lot also means that you’ll be back for your future car needs, so we strive to make all of our customers happy and lifelong customers!