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How to Choose a Used Car Dealer

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The used automobile industry is huge. It seems everywhere you turn there are large signs boasting the lowest prices with financing options galore. With all of the options to purchase a used car, how does one choose?
Auto City Credit has been in the used car market for more than 50 years. Finding the right auto dealer to suit your needs is as simple as following a few important guidelines:
  • ARE THEY NEW?: Finding out how long a used auto dealer has been in business can tell a potential buyer a lot. While a new auto dealer isn’t automatically a bad thing, a used auto dealer who has been around for a long time is obviously doing something right. The key to a successful used car dealership is a loyal, satisfied customer base. Any dealer has been open 10+ years has that customer base to keep them going long-term and will offer you the same great deals and treat you with the same courtesy they show all their customers.
  • REPUTATION IS EVERYTHING: When you run a customer based business, reputation is everything. Ask around about a dealership prior to making a visit. Look into what the Better Business Bureau has to say about a particular location to see if it is worth the trip. Having this information ahead of time will save you a lot of time, frustration, and potentially money.
  • WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET: This goes beyond the selection of autos a dealership has. Skip past the glitz and glam of the auto shopping world and take note of the nitty gritty. Does the location present itself professionally? Is the location neat and clean? Does the building need painting? These may seem like small details, but an auto dealer who is committed to their business will take the extra time paying attention to the important details that will benefit you as well (such as vehicle maintenance). Remember, when it comes to a reputable car dealer, the little things count.
  • PRESSURE FREE: While it is the job of the sales person to sell cars, they shouldn’t be heaping on a ton of pressure. Is the dealership paying attention to your wants and needs in regards to a vehicle or are they trying to push certain product on you. As the buyer you are in control. If a dealer is too pushy or doesn’t provide you the service YOU want, you’re not likely to drive away with a car that will make you happy.
  • TRUST YOUR GUT: While many people may not buy the “he seemed like an honest guy” routine, if something feels right (or better yet, not right) trust your gut instincts. We all have them. One of the biggest ways to get in trouble in the car buying world is when you start justifying why something is okay. Your instincts are a great tool to follow when purchasing a new used car.
At Auto City Credit, we have built a reputation of excellence and have been the go-to source for used cars in Dallas, TX for more than five decades. We know what it takes to be the top dealer of used vehicles in Texas. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll increase your chances of not only getting a great deal but the chance of building a relationship that could last for years to come.