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Helping People Get Into The Right Car

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We’ve all seen the commercials. Automakers advertise an amazing monthly payment on a new vehicle that seems too good to be true. It is. The small print on the T.V. screen says it all! That amazing monthly payment comes after putting thousands of dollars in as a down payment on the vehicle. We live in tough economic times and for many people a hefty down payment is simply not an option. If you have issues with low or no credit, it can be even more difficult!
Auto City Credit is the solution.
We work with car buyers to find them not only the best used vehicle available to suit their needs but at prices people can afford. In business for over 50 years, we have helped countless people get back on the road without breaking the bank regardless of credit and without the need for a hefty down payment.
We understand the importance of a good credit score, but we also know that without the opportunities to build good credit, people will find themselves stuck. Our finance professionals pride themselves on being able to help everyone finance the vehicle they need. By working with people to finance their new used car or truck, we can help people repair damaged or non-existent credit reports.
By providing such an amazing service to everyone, the selection of vehicles must be limited, right? Not a chance. We have one of the most extensive selections of quality used vehicles in the greater Dallas, TX area and with the addition of our new location in Lancaster, which is opening soon, you get the expert finance help while choosing from an amazing assortment of vehicles.
Don’t let the car buying experience get you down. There is a solution for everyone and it starts at Auto City Credit. Start by visiting checking our inventory online to see some of the quality vehicles we have in stock and then fill out an application or come on by. At Auto City Credit we are more than just a used auto dealer, we want to help!