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Flooded Cars from Hurricane Sandy Showing Up On Used Car Lots Across the Country

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Hurricane Sandy brought immense and devastating amounts of damage to many places on the east coast, and the consequences have been long lasting. In fact, nearly a year later, the effects of the storm are still manifesting themselves. According to an article on PR Newswire, cars seriously damaged by Sandy are finding their way back onto the road. For anyone browsing used car lots, this information is important to know.
Protecting yourself is crucial. Having a car that was flooded can mean interior issues, including serious mold damage. However, it can also mean that the car does not function properly. At first, it may seem fine, but as time progresses you’ll quickly realize that something is wrong with the vehicle. Obtaining a vehicle history report is crucial any time you are browsing used car lots to find that perfect vehicle.
This type of report is going to tell you about the damage history of the car, if there is one, and where the vehicle came from. Additionally, it will report any problems that the vehicle has experienced. You might think that the car looks fine on the outside or discover that the damage was listed as exterior only. However, exterior damage can slowly creep its way to the inside of the car, eventually destroying it.
Even if the car was not flooded or otherwise damaged by Hurricane Sandy, you might discover other problems with it. For example, you may learn that the car was in a serious accident. Once again, opting for a vehicle that has experienced a great amount of damage or issues in the past can be indicative of what is going to happen in the future. This is not true for every single vehicle, but it is valid for many of them.
When you go to a used car lot, you should ask if they have access to the vehicle’s history report. If they don’t, you can use a site such as CARFAX to run the report on the car yourself. Most dealerships are happy to give you the time you need to do your research, as obtaining a vehicle history report is a fairly standard procedure.
A vehicle is a big investment. You should receive the best service and an accurate overall picture of the state of the vehicle that you are purchasing before you take it off the lot.