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Don’t Worry About Your Credit While Buying Your Next Car

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Going to a new car dealership with little or no credit can be a challenge. You spend your time finding a car that suits your needs, only to get stuck with the finance people while they try to work a variety of angles to get you approved for the new car. For the person with no credit or bad credit, this process can often leave the potential buyer disappointed. At Auto City, that simply won’t happen.
One of the main benefits from buying a new to you used automobile from a buy here pay here dealer like Auto City is that we finance, so we can get that out of the way before we even start helping you shop for a vehicle. We’re not concerned with your past at Auto City. We understand bad things can happen to good people. When it comes to buying a car or truck from Auto City, we want to know about you today! By reviewing your most current pay stubs and talking with you about your finance needs, we know what you can afford to pay before you even look at vehicles.
Once you step on the lot, we can go right to the vehicles that you know will fit your budget needs as well as your lifestyle needs. A number of vehicles could be yours that day, and when you find the right fit, you drive it home. No disappointments, no heartbreak, no stress – just quality used automobiles, at prices you can afford.
What’s more, when you choose Auto City as your choice for a quality pre-owned vehicle, you are making an investment in your financial future. Unlike many of the other buy here pay here dealerships, Auto City reports to the Experian credit bureau monthly. That means that each month you make your payment, you are improving your credit score. Not only are you getting the vehicle you need, but you’re getting your credit on track which can mean an easier time on your next vehicle purchase, future credit card approvals, or even a new home when the time comes.
Don’t waste your time trying to get approved for new vehicles you don’t want or cannot afford. Come to Auto City and choose from one of the best selections of used automobiles Texas has to offer, and know that when you leave, it’ll be in the car you want and can afford.