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Car Sales Facts

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Purchasing an automobile is an important life step. The vehicle itself is a huge investment that you will be partnered with for several years and the loan associated will affect not only your monthly budget but your credit score as well.
At Auto City Credit we talk at length about how important buying a used vehicle can be. We emphasize the importance of making the right choice and getting the right financial structure to suit your needs. We know it’s important and we are here to help!
When it comes to helping our customers get on the road with the right used automobile we are all business, but this time Auto City Credit has decided to share some interesting facts about buying a used vehicle that might make you stop and say “Hmmm!”
For instance did you know that 3 out of 4 automobiles sold in the United States are used vehicles? That is 75% of all vehicles sold. That’s just the beginning – consider these other interesting facts:
  • The average car will have three owners in its lifetime. That is recycling at its best. From the time that vehicle drives off the lot brand new until the day it is taken off the road three people will have driven it through their lives. That goes to show how much use one car can get.
  • The most frequently searched vehicle price range is $5000.00 or less. People are searching for the best vehicle for the best price. Just because a vehicle has some years and miles on it does not mean it won’t make someone an excellent car.
  • Texas has more used vehicles than any other state. That is one of the key reasons that Auto City Credit is able to find you the best deal on a quality used vehicle. We have the best selection!
  • If you like silver you are in luck! Silver the most common color among used vehicles followed by black in second, white in third, and red in fourth. If you’re a fan of pink cars you may have to hold out, it is the least listed vehicle color among used vehicles.
  • Automatic transmissions outnumber manual transmissions 10 to 1. People prefer to do away with the stick!
  • The most common brand of used vehicle is the Chevrolet. This is followed close by the Ford. If you are a lover of either of those brands, the used market is ripe for you.
Used automotive sales are big business in our country and now you have some fun information you can share with your friends and family.
In all seriousness, if you are in the market for a used vehicle in Dallas and want the best you can get at a great price, it’s time you contacted us here in Dallas. Since 1958 we’ve been helping get into quality used vehicles regardless of credit. Whether you have poor credit or no credit at all, we can help. Not only will buying a new used car with us get you on the road, it’ll get your credit back on the road right along with you!
At Auto City Credit we pride ourselves on being able to help anyone. Contact us today to learn more about buying used! We’d love to help!