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Buy a Used Car Instead of Getting Tricked by Leasing Fine Print

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When you compare purchasing a used vehicle to buying a new vehicle, there may seem to be many more options available in the latter. Not only does a buyer have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, but there are many purchasing and leasing options as well. With many people across the country still dealing with tough economic situations, finding ways to save money on their new automobile is often priority number one.
Leasing a new vehicle can seem like a great way to get a quality automobile for a low monthly payment. Television commercials boast low payments for fresh off-the-assembly line vehicles, but when it comes to saving money buying a used automobile from a reputable used car dealer, like Auto City, is often the better option. Consider these factors before making the decision to a lease a new vehicle:
  • HEFTY DOWN PAYMENTS: While the television commercials boast low monthly payments on a leased vehicle in big, bold letters, the down payment necessary to get that low payment is often left in the fine print. To get a low monthly payment on a leased vehicle, the buyer often has to have thousands of dollars to put down at the time of signing. In a time where money is an issue for many car buyers, finding a couple of thousand dollar down payment can be a challenge. Unfortunately, without the down payment, the monthly payment on a leased vehicle is not going to be the great rate advertised on television. A low down payment on used cars is generally more common.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR MILES: Another factor that allows leasing companies to keep advertising low monthly payments is the mileage restrictions they put on the lease contracts. If you go over the allotted mileage for your contract, you have to pay for them when you return the vehicle. This can mean thousands of dollars extra by the time your contract ends. When you purchase a used vehicle, there are no fees tacked onto the end of your contract. You pay only what both parties initially agreed to.
  • LEAVE EMPTY HANDED: So now that you’ve put thousands into a down payment and paid your overage on your miles at the end; what are you left with? Nothing. The leased vehicle goes back to the dealer to clean up and resell, further increasing their profits; and you are left, again, looking for a new car to lease or purchase. When you buy a used car from Auto City, when the payments are done, you walk away with a quality vehicle that is yours to keep rather than leaving you empty handed.
At a first glance, leasing a new car may seem like a great option; but for your time and money, purchasing a quality used car from Auto City can have a better long term result. Used vehicles already come with lower sticker prices, which mean lower monthly payments. Auto City works with everyone regardless of bad credit and down payments. In the end the car or truck you choose is yours to keep. What more is there to think about?

Don’t get sucked into the lease trap because you’re trying to save on your monthly payment. Come into to Auto City today and learn how we can get you into a quality vehicle you can afford, without tricks behind the fine print.