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Bad Credit? Our Auto Dealers Can Help!

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Shopping for a quality used car can be challenging when you have credit issues. Having low or no credit can seriously affect your ability to get traditional financing for an auto purchase. If you are one of the millions of Americans who have issues with your credit, you may want to consider a buy here, pay here car dealer, like Auto City. fast same day cash loans
While many people have heard of buy here, pay here dealers, many may be unsure about exactly what that means. Simply put, buy here, pay here auto dealers are car and truck dealers who take direct payment for the autos they sell, rather than go through a third party finance group like a bank or credit union. You make regular payments to the dealer and drive away with the auto that you need. Buy here, pay here auto dealers are excellent options for people in need of rebuilding their credit scores.
At Auto City we look at your situation today to determine your credit worthiness, not your past. We understand that unfortunate circumstances happen to good people and we don’t judge you for those moments. Life events such as divorce, loss of job, even a family illness or death can result in people falling behind on payments. Those things are beyond your control and you shouldn’t be punished for them. With proof of current employment, you can have the automobile you need today and make the first steps toward leaving the past behind, where it belongs.
When choosing a buy here, pay here dealership, like Auto City, it important to do your research. Not all dealerships are the same. You want a dealership that is committed to providing quality autos and working with you, the customer. Because buy here, pay here dealerships are not banks they are not bound by the same rules and regulations regarding lending. Auto City has a stellar reputation, based on more than 50 years of quality service. Our customers come back time and time again for their used auto needs because we treat them with respect and provide a great deal for the price.
Buying a new-to-you used auto from a buy here, pay here dealership should help repair your credit, as well as provide you with a quality auto. It is important to know that your good standing is being reported to the all-important credit bureau. At Auto City, we report your regular payments to the credit bureau on a regular basis, so each payment you make is more than an investment in your new auto, it is an investment in you.
Regardless of bad credit, auto dealers like Auto City can get you the auto you need, at payments you can afford. If credit issues have held you back from getting the car you wanted and/or needed, then it’s time you pay a visit to Auto City. Get on the road to financial stability as well as work and play, all in one convenient location!