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Additional Costs when Buying a New or Used Car

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Making the decision to move forward with a purchasing a new-to-you vehicle is a big step. Even the best priced used car or truck from Auto City will require regular payments and the buyer will need to structure their budget accordingly. While buying a quality vehicle from Auto City is an excellent way to purchase a reliable automobile at a reasonable price, the sticker price on any vehicle is just one of the expenses that buyers need to understand prior to making their purchase.

All motor vehicles have additional expenses, beyond simply the purchase price. Everyone knows about the cost of fuel and that vehicles require regular maintenance, but not every additional expense is known by all buyers. Being aware of the additional costs of buying a quality used automobile will better prepare the savvy car shoppers, prior to their next purchase.

  • SALES TAX: New or used auto purchases are subject to same sales tax as other goods throughout any given state. This can affect your final purchase price by adding a few hundred dollars to the sale. There are no exemptions for this additional fee. However, knowing that all car and truck purchases are subject to your state sales tax laws can ensure that you’re not shocked when you see additional costs on your final invoice.
  • REGISTRATION: All motor vehicles require registration with your home state. This is not news to many people, but your first year registration is often included in the purchase price of your vehicle. This is a convenience for most people. Understand that this is an additional cost you must deal with when buying a new-to-you automobile and plan accordingly.
  • INSURANCE: Your new or used vehicle needs to be insured before it leaves the lot. In most cases, your old insurance will cover a new-to-you vehicle until you can get it switched over; but if you did not have a vehicle or insurance prior to making a new purchase, you’ll need to start paying for an insurance policy. While it’s true that you must have liability to drive legally in the State of Texas, Auto City will provide you 14 days of free damage/collision protection (not liability) at the time of sale. It’s a great perk we offer that allows customers to spend some extra time shopping for the best coverage and rates; instead of shopping for the best policy in a rush at the dealership during the time of purchase. We offer this completely free if you provide us proof of your new insurance within that 14 days; otherwise we do charge a nominal fee.
  • EMISSION TESTING: The world has become more conscious about the environment and while not every state requires emission certification, the government requires testing on all vehicles. This may turn up as an added fee on the sticker. This is not an optional feature and is required by law. If you are looking to haggle over the sticker price this is one area that is firm and cannot be negotiated.

Auto City has a reputation for selling quality used automobiles for more than 50 years. By being upfront with customers and providing the best prices with excellent customer service, Auto City is considered one of the leading new-to-you used car dealerships in Texas. By sharing some of the additional costs to purchasing a new, used vehicle, Auto City hopes to educate buyers and make the car shopping experience easier to understand.