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6 Ways to Make Your Reliable Used Car Feel New

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The beauty of having a used car is its cost effectiveness and long-term value, especially considering the cost of a new car. With proper care and maintenance, it can provide you with virtually cost free motoring once all the payments have been made. An older car has proven dependability, and what it might lack in resale value down the line, it makes up for in efficiency and possibly even sentimental value. A quality used car deserves to be treated well and the tips below can help you keep your long lasting car feeling new for years to come.


Nothing makes a car feel older than dirt does. Your used car should receive regular care and detailed cleanings in addition to the usual washing. A clean, shiny car will always feel newer. Having the car detailed will reach every nook and cranny where dirt hides and remove it. Occasional valet cleaning is one of the affordable ways of making an older car feel special and new.

Tune Ups

A well tuned engine makes any car perform optimally and ensures good fuel economy. Every engine goes out of tune every now and then. An older car, however, can experience this more frequently than a newer car. When a reliable used car is tuned up nicely, it performs and feels like a new car. Few things can make an old car feel newer than a regular tune up.

Brakes and Suspension

As a car ages, it requires a longer distance to stop when braked. It also becomes less comfortable as its suspension system depreciates. When the brakes are kept sharp and efficient, and the suspension upgraded at reasonable intervals, a used car will perform as optimally as when it was new. This is something you’ll notice on every ride. Besides making a car feel new, brakes perform a critical safety function, too, and should therefore always be maintained as the manufacturer suggests.


As a car gets driven and parked out in the open, the paintwork is bound to fade and depreciate. Small accidents and flying debris also cause dents and nicks in the paintwork. A car with severely faded paintwork can be repainted to feel “young” again. Smaller anomalies in the bodywork do not require as much work, and can be dealt with through touch-ups using readily available kits. Keeping your car clean and waxed as mentioned before will also help the paint last longer.

Door Seals

As a car ages, the rubbers which seal the doors tightly can become worn out. This leads to doors rattling. It also leads to cold air leaking out when the air conditioner is on, and hot air leaking out when the heater is operational. Worn seals should be replaced as soon as they are found to be worn for the car to stay in top condition.


Finally, electronics can make or break a car in terms of how enjoyable the drive is and how new it feels. Because technology moves so quickly, the stereo on a car that is more than two years could be already outdated. If this is a concern of yours and makes the car feel more dated than you’d like, it can be easily upgraded. Current features that will add value and take years off your car include functions such as Bluetooth compatibility and iPod docking. Even the most reliable used cars can benefit from a fun stereo upgrade to feel newer.
Any small change that has the ability to make a car feel new does not need to cost much. The idea behind making a car feel younger is to get the most value out of the reliable vehicle you already own, as well as live comfortably within your means. By making these small changes to make your used car feel newer, you can continue to enjoy driving a comfortable and economical car without having to pay a fortune for it.