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6 Things that Every Used Car Should Have in its Safety Kit

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No matter what kind of used car you purchase, you’ll want to obtain a safety kit to keep in the vehicle before you hit the road. In the unfortunate event that you have an on-road emergency, you need to be properly prepared to handle the situation. Here are six things that every used car should have in its safety kit.

Jumper Cables

Even the most responsible driver can make the mistake of leaving their lights on. Unfortunately, a dead battery will certainly put you in a very compromising situation. Keeping a quality set of jumper cables in the trunk is always a good idea. With the helping hand of a friendly motorist, you will be able jumpstart your vehicle in less than 10 minutes.


You may need a flashlight when you least expect it. A flashlight is a very valuable commodity to have when the darkness of the night begins to set in. Whether you need to change a tire or inspect the engine, the flashlight will be able to provide the necessary illumination. A flashlight will also become an indispensable asset if you are forced to walk for help.

Electrical and Duct Tape

As a testament to the versatility of duct tape, astronauts have even used it to make repairs while in outer space. If you are dealing with a leaking coolant hose or a broken fan belt, the duct tape can be used to make temporary repairs. On the other hand, electrical tape can be used to insulate frayed wires.

Basic Tool Set

A basic tool set will come in handy for making minor repairs. For example, you may be unable to crank your vehicle due to a loose battery terminal. By using a socket wrench, you should be able to re-tighten the connection in no time. Some of the other important tools include pliers, an adjustable wrench, and a multi-bit screwdriver.

Disposable Camera

A disposable camera could prove to be very convenient. If you are involved in a car crash, the disposable camera can be used to take pictures of the incident. Although most drivers have mobile phones that are equipped with cameras, the disposable camera can be used as a reliable backup.

Road Flares

If you become stranded on the highway, the road flares can be used to make your vehicle much more visible to the oncoming traffic. The brightness of the road flares will also enable a tow truck to quickly locate your car.

The best case-scenario is that you never have to deal with an on-road emergency. However, driving without an appropriate safety kit is definitely not worth the risk. Keep your car equipped with these 6 things and you’ll be able to have a little more peace of mind.