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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Trade in Car

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Stay Calm

Pulling into a car dealer to purchase a new vehicle is both exhilarating and frightening. When you have a strong car to offer as a trade-in, your chances of negotiating a deal on a new car increase greatly. However, you are now in a position to sell an item, rather than just buy one. With car dealers employing savvy salesmen, it is up to you to be prepared to get the money you deserve.

Don’t Look Eager

Put on your poker face, and act like the entire process is just another day at the dealer. You may have your favorite car picked out across the lot, but don’t let the salesman know. The key is to make them believe that you are ready to leave at a moment’s notice for another, more eager, dealership. Your car should reflect your poker face too. Keep your personal items still intact to show that you aren’t ready to give up the car until you are satisfied.

Fix The Basics

Dealers will cut hundreds, and even thousands, off of your trade-in value if it has small problems. Cracked windshields and windows that don’t roll down should be repaired before you visit the dealer. Small dents and pings along the doors need to be fixed as well. All of those blemishes add up to low values from the dealer. Clean Inside And Out

For any trade-in, you need to have a clean car. Wash the exterior and vacuum the interior before driving to the dealer. Use some polish to shine up the dashboard, making it look new again.

Know Your Value

Use the Internet to find your car’s current value. There are websites that can quickly assess mileage, damage and care to create a real-life value estimate. Use that information as ammunition when negotiating with the dealer.

Consider Your Tires

New tires are expensive, but rolling into the dealer with bald tires is a recipe for a low trade-in value. If your tires are badly worn, consider buying used tires with some mileage. The tread should look good to appeal to the dealer. Used tires are substantially less than new tires, allowing you to get more for your trade-in during negotiation.

Keep calm during your trade-in evaluation. If you prepare yourself fully, your car should be quickly evaluated with a high-dollar value. Don’t be afraid to try another dealer. One salesman will offer you the amount you desire.