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5 Signs Your Car is Breaking Down

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Having a reliable used car is great for getting to places you need to go quickly and safely, but due to the complex processes that go on underneath the hood of a car, there are quite a few things that can go wrong at any given time. If your car is behaving out of the ordinary, there’s a likely chance that something could be amiss. These are five common signs that your car is breaking down and needs maintenance/repair.

1. Warning Lights

If you notice warning lights flashing on your dashboard, it’s likely that there’s a issue under the hood. Warning lights can represent all sorts of problems ranging anywhere from a problem in the anti-lock braking system to low oil pressure. Warning lights usually illuminate for good reasons, so be sure not to ignore them.
  • Squealing/Grinding While Stopping

    A noticeable squealing or grinding sound your car makes when you slow to stop is a common warning sign for failing brakes or brake pads. Continuing to drive a vehicle without servicing the brakes once these warning signs have appeared can result in overall failure of the brakes and a serious car accident.

  • Oil Spots Underneath the Car

    Oil spots underneath a car can allude to a serious problem with a leak. A very slow leak likely won’t cause any immediate problems, but a leak that produces large puddles over short periods of time can empty the oil in your car quickly. Be sure to service your vehicle as soon as you start noticing major oil spots underneath.
  • Excessive Vibrating While Driving

    Because there are loads of problems that can cause shaking or vibrating in a vehicle while it moves, it’s a good idea to service it as soon as possible. Common reasons for a vibrations while driving include your tire alignment being off, brake rotors being bad, or a brake caliper being stuck.
  • Slow Starting

    Don’t ignore a car that is slow to start. This can be caused by a low battery, a failing alternator, a bad starter, and much more. Because it’s hard to pinpoint why cars start slowly at various times, it’s a good idea to have your car serviced ASAP.

Never assume that the symptoms your car is showing will simply go away on their own. Common signs such as these are often indicators of more major problems on the horizon if you neglect to have your car serviced. Stay in the know and never underestimate the risk of a shaky vehicle or odd noises!