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3 Myths About Buying Used Cars

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When buying a used car, many people cringe as they walk onto the lot. Stereotypes of fast-talking salesmen, large down payments, and difficult financing keep people anxious. The reality is far from this. We believe that when you know the truth, you’ll be comfortable walking onto our lot and being helped by one of our knowledgeable sales staff. Here are three myths about buying used cars that just aren’t true.

Myth 1: You’ll need to make a large down payment to buy a used car.

Not all used car businesses want a lot of money upfront, and those that offer that as the only option might not be the right choice for you. They want to make the most money from you at the start, and they may not really care about customer service. They may not even be in business when you’re ready to buy another car.

A quality dealership is interested in helping you get into the car that you really want and giving you a great experience. They want to deliver good customer service so you’ll be back and will tell your friends. We are not interested in getting a large down payment from you. In fact, we offer a “$500 today drive it away” program to help you get into a car with affordable up front costs. We want you to have a great experience when shopping for a used car with us. We also want you to think of us in the future should you need another used car.

Myth 2: You’ll need great credit to buy a used car.

This might be true of a bank or finance company that follows a set of strict corporate guidelines to determine to whom they will give a loan, but used car dealerships that offer financing are in control of their own guidelines. They make their own rules to help you get into a car. We are a buy here pay here dealership, meaning that you buy your car with us and make payments with us.

This is a challenging economy. People are working more hours for less pay in their jobs. Some people have had to downsize their jobs. All of this puts a strain on the household finances and a few blips on the credit report are to be expected. We understand this and work with you to get you into a good car even if you have some credit worries. Working with us to finance a car loan will even improve your credit rating.

Myth 3: You’ll find it nearly impossible to get an auto loan with bad credit.

Even if you have been through a bankruptcy or a home foreclosure, things that could automatically disqualify you for a loan with a bank, dealership financing can be an option. We know that one way to work yourself out of a bad credit situation is to have a good credit experience. Our buy here pay here financing gets you into your ideal car and allows you to build up your good credit. We even report your on-time payments to the credit bureau. With our dealership financing, you drive away with a great car and have an opportunity to turn around your credit report.

Don’t let those used car lot rumors keep you from coming in to see us. We want to help you drive away with the car you want, and have a great experience shopping with us. Our success is based on happy customers that keep coming back because we don’t fit the old used car lot stereotypes.